What an amazing experience from day one. So positive, so informative. When you are an extremely active, busy person getting hearing aids could make you feel like oh man I'm getting old!! You have all just made it feel like this is just one of life's little bumps in the road and for that I am truly grateful. Jan and Dr. Cullen I love you guys. Thank you so much.

-Mick Beriau

E. Falmouth

Melanie Higgins is so extremely proficient in her job and is a pleasure to work with. Her special personality shines through and makes appointments very successful. I couldn't ask for a better caretaker for my hearing difficulties. I also want to make a special note of Jan and her contribution to your outer reception room. She always remembers my name and has a cheery "hello" to make my arrival special. This position of hers sets the tone for the ENTIRE Cape Cod Hearing office.


East Sandwith

I am so grateful for the patience and professionalism that you all demonstrate every time I (we , Mom included) come to or call this office. Thank you for everything!

-Chris Robello


Jan is the greatest! Honed in on the problem, fixed it and sent me on my happy way. Thank you!

-Bill Gould


When my hearing aid "conked out" I thought it would be an expensive proposition. Jan took no less than 5 minutes to correct the problem. I have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with Cape Cod Hearing Center. I highly recommend them to anyone.

-Leonard Klein

W. Yarmouth

I have been a patient here for many years (about 10). I highly recommend Cape Cod Hearing Center because of the expert and sensitive service I receive. I am on my 3rd set of hearing aids and my life has been enhanced.

-John Lees


I am truly impressed. Although I purchased my hearing aids elsewhere, they accepted my request for repair without hesitation or question. Further they provided immediate service. Wow!! I will be a future customer when I replace my present hearing aid.

-Gerald Herroeck

Excellent! The best hearing center on the Cape. Dr. Cullen is professional, knowledgable and caring. The office staff is friendly and helpful.


South Dennis

I am so very grateful for the caring help I have received at Cape Cod Hearing Center. All the staff here are always gracious and caring. I am so thankful for my hearing aids.

-T. Margarethe Michelsen


Everyone here is always so cheerful and helpful. I love to come in; they always make my day!

-Helen Boocock


You people are all wonderful. I always recommend you.

-Marion Robello


Using Cape Cod Hearing Center Was a Great Decision! Melanie, your audiologist has solid credentials, and superb communication skills. Her knowledge and patience are truly impressive.
Having been in the medical field all my life, I was very pleased with the in-depth testing she performed and the time that was spent doing so.
Allowing me to trial two different types of devices, and happily making multiple adjustments to each was extremely helpful. All this was done, while emphasizing the importance of me being completely satisfied with the end result.
If you have a motto, I think is probably is, "Sure, we can do that!" or "That's no problem."
Your practice really exemplifies Quality & Service!


I am wicked happy. I can hear everything!!!! Birds, waves, etc conversations in restaurants. Thanks so much. You have changed my life!! Oh and my hubby is really happy too. Will be sending you business!

-Lynn Pearl


Dr. Cullen, thank you so much for making my live so much easier. The quality of your care and the quality of sound you have provided means so much to me.

-Sara Ringler


I am writing to you because I want to put in writing my appreciation to Jan and Theresa for arranging a loaner hearing aid for my right ear yesterday.
My right hearing aid had been slowly fading. Jan recommended it go to the lab for service, however the turnaround time ran into the holiday crunch. Understanding that we would be having guests over the pre-Thanksgiving week, she spoke with Dr. Cullen who then configured the demonstration unit for me.
Upon putting the unit in my ear, my hearing immediately and dramatically improved. Jan's understanding and recommendation that my unit go back for repairs was right on target. Theresa's immediately arranging a loaner unit for me has dramatically impacted my ability to talk with our family.
This is the kind of service that makes me very glad YOU take care of my hearing aid needs and makes me feel very good about having recommended you to my friends.
Thank you for your help!

-Ted Weissberger

Coming to Cape Cod Hearing Center has not only helped my husband , it's improved my life too! Now that my husband can hear better we are enjoying our social life again. Dr. Cullen thank you for giving me my husband back!

-Betty Collins

I wish I had done this years ago, I love my hearing aids! They are so easy. I just put them in and I can hear all day. I can hear my partner at bridge and I am enjoying the symphony again.

-Mary Beth Bonnington

Dear Melanie, Thank you so much for taking the time to service my hearing aid. It is so comfortable, that at times I forget it is in my ear! Thanks again for your time and consideration.

-Virginia Ravizz

Dear Theresa, Thank you for the special help you and Jan gave to me this afternoon. My original plan was to drop off my hearing aids so you could check them when you had the time. I really appreciate the fact that you took time during your busy schedule even though it put extra pressure on you.

-Frank Farley

Dear Dr. Cullen,
I shall begin by stating how much I respect all that you have created at Cape Cod Hearing Center. When first I entered the Center, I was impressed with the decor and comfort while waiting for Melanie.
Your staff is extremely professional. Jan has been so enthusiastic and always so warm. The telephone messages are always well-paced and very comprehensible. Most of all, Melanie has been highly professional, patient and is a marvelous teacher of the many steps involved in optimum efficiency and comfort concerning my hearing aids. She is working with the little sound adjustments that are required for ultimate clarity and comfort. My world has expanded with the quality of the human voice and for the first time, the sound of birds. My one close friend no longer has to repeat sentences, which releases an enormous amount of pressure. Most of all, I find that I am not so exhausted from straining to hear and/or comrehend.
I wish you continued success in your dedication to the hearing impaired. You are very special and deserve every moment of reward for your sensitivity and contribution to enriching the lives of the hearing impaired.

-Floryana Walker

I have dealt with Cape Cod Hearing Center for over 28 years, and even after moving to Virginia 11 years ago I have felt the need to return to your office for my hearing needs. You are to be commended for your perfect understanding and expertise along with your kind and gentle demeanor. Thank you for being so professional and pleasant in all our dealings.

-Edna Allen


Best hearing center I’ve ever been to. Theresa and Melanie are the best and really care about you and your hearing problems. They don’t charge you for every little thing and you can just walk in and get instant help.

-Francis Gaumond


One of the best health care staffs I have ever encountered. I am unable to express my thanks for the help received with my care.

-Cassandra Snow


I have been a long time client and my experiences have been enormously excellent. There is nothing to match experience and the education and dedication of Dr. Theresa Cullen. She’s just wonderfully kind, helpful and patient with us, explaining all details with us. Jan and Lynda are also fantastic! I would never, ever go elsewhere.

-Ethel Marino

So. Yarmouth

My experience here is like visiting with good friends who care about you. A very comfortable atmosphere and they always have an answer for your problem. I recommend them highly!

-John Lees


From the time I walked in the door “quite deaf” from the receptionists to the staff I felt my frustrations and concerns leave me. Marvelous all around… and I can hear!

-Anne Bautz

Anne Bautz

Mine has been an extraordinary experience! They have been more than patient, addressing all of my problems and questions with patience and enormous skill and knowledge. Indeed, Cape Cod Hearing Center has more than met all of my hopes and expectations!

-Hurley Bogardus

East Dennis


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