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Follow Up Care

Often overlooked upon initial purchase, your follow-up care is an important part of your continued satisfaction.

When you choose to purchase hearing aids with Heartland Hearing Center you are not merely paying for the devices alone, you are paying for peace of mind with our superior customer service and routine care.

After initially fitting your hearing aids to your satisfaction, we continue to touch base to communicate about how the hearing aids are functioning in your daily life. The most successful patients enjoy this relationship and understand that our routine appointments help save you time and money in the long run. 

We work together as a team to continue to fine tune, ensure maintenance of the device, monitor progression of hearing loss and any medical changes, and make changes to your hearing aids as your lifestyle and/or hearing loss changes.

Perhaps you didn’t have an ear infection, wax occluding your ear canal, asymmetrical tinnitus or hearing loss, or vertigo and/or dizziness issues during your initial consultation or hearing aid acclimation period. There is no crystal ball to predict whether a new issue may present itself during your ongoing hearing journey. 

As audiologists, our medical training guarantees you constant peace of mind. We use our experience to address your concerns as they arise and provide honest recommendations and/or medical referral when appropriate. If a medical concern appears or your lifestyle and/or hearing loss changes, we provide honest solutions rather than selling you an upgrade. 

We offer tactics to optimize your listening abilities, provide effective communication strategies for you and your family, consider additional assistive listening devices, and ensure proper long-term performance of your hearing aids through routine visits.

Professional follow-up services from a properly trained provider are critical. At Cape Cod Hearing Center, we are uniquely qualified to guide you through the follow-up process. As healthcare professionals, we continue to maximize the opportunity for your safety and value your hearing as it impacts your overall health and quality of life during our long-term relationship.